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New CDs in my collection: August 2014

» Grace Kelly: Working for the Dreamers
I helped back this EP on Kickstarter for the independent jazz musician and songwriter who I first saw on PBS a couple of years ago.

» Opeth: Pale Communion
Opeth is now largely a 1970s prog rock band. And I am totally okay with that because they do it without sounding derivative.

» Rick Wakeman: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (2012)
A new studio version of the 1974 classic, with restored sections never able to be recorded in the original live recording.

» Yes: Heaven & Earth
Perhaps the mellowest Yes album yet recorded. If you are expecting the “usual” Yes fare, you will probably be disappointed. This is a very song-oriented collection with only a few flashes of musicianship. Most of these guys are in their mid-60s now, but new blood in the form of new singer Jon Davison - a spry American gent in his early 40s who co-wrote most of the songs - gives the band a new approach.

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