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Death Devil
K-ON!! Live Event ~Come with Me!!~

The Death Devil portion of the second K-ON! live event. The playing of the instruments is mimed, but it is acceptable here, as this was a seiyuu live event and not a “concert” per se; it just happens to be for a series about rock bands. The actual musicians who were playing are hidden off-stage, but the girls are singing live.

Himari Takakura (with Kanba and Shoma in the background) from Mawaru-Penguindrum
art by Lily Hoshino

I’ve still only watched it once (so far), and it was more than a year ago now, but I think Penguindrum is going to share a special place in my psyche along with the series which is its spiritual predecessor (and my all-time favorite): Revolutionary Girl Utena. Kunihiko Ikuhara just knows how to speak to me with his creations.

New review posted at Ryo-Ohki’s Anime Loft: “AKB0048”

These are dark times. In many corners of the universe, planets have imposed partial or complete entertainment bans, and there is an organized force in place designed to keep it that way. No music, no singing, and most of all no idols are allowed on these planets. Not even posters of idols are permitted. Nagisa lives on one of these planets. When she was a little girl, she and three of her friends snuck to a location where intergalactic idol group AKB0048 were holding a guerilla concert for their fans on this entertainment-deprived planet. There, a dream was born to become a part of AKB0048 themselves.

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Moon Shuttle (in “open” mode) from Planetes

One thing which always amused me about Planetes is that even with the great efforts made to adhere to real science and physics over the course of the series, they still went ahead and designed a Moon shuttle craft with the shape and mechanics of a flip cellphone, complete with solar panel strap!

Despite the illusion of being small due to its design (and lack of anything around it for comparison), this shuttle is large enough to transport hundreds of travellers and have an entire bay of emergency escape pods.

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